Hoodstock 1

After the studio fire in September 2020 I was given an insane amount of community support that was incredibly overwhelming.
When I was planning our return to the city and reopening the studio, I decided to put on a huge free show with our family at Lamesfest to thank everyone for their support and show everyone that we'd continue to grow despite the huge setback.
The show itself happened on the 8th of August, a week after we'd secured the new premises.
Despite covid related last minute changes to the lineup I was proud to put together a whole stage consisting of artists that had used the studio before the fire.
To be able to put together a free show in my home neighbourhood meant a lot and there was plenty of local representation on and off stage.
Signature Brew were amazing hosts and we look forward to continue to work with them throughout 2022..... Hoodstock 2?