After losing our last premises to a fire in September 2020 and a few months in our countryside temp spot I am proud to say that Fuzzbrain Studios is back in East London.

Our new location is in my home neighbourhood of Walthamstow and just 5 minutes walk from Blackhorse Road station.

All of the old equipment was destroyed in the fire but due to a mad amount of community fundraising I was able to replace and upgrade most of it. I decided rather than replacing pieces like for like it was time to adjust the focus of the studio into more of a recording facility. This means better mics, a better desk, a range of preamps and of course a lot of amps.

control room

The studio itself is situated within Pulse Studios, a complex that has been serving East London musicians for 15 years now. Working within Pulse means we have access to not only our control room and live room but also added rehearsal capacity through their extra rooms as well as the option to put on shows within the building.

Fuzzbrain Aftershow by Joe Leitch

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